Have a great idea for Tulsa, but need some $$$ to get it going?

Submit your idea! It's easy. 

How to submit an idea for $$$

Post your idea publicly on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page. You can upload a video, photo or simply post a message. Be sure to post to the TYPF page and use the hashtag #MakeTulsaAwesome!

Next, we'll send you a short application (seriously, this is the easiest form you'll ever fill out.) Applications are due July 27 and applicants will be notified by August 24 if they are selected to move on to the interview round. We'll conduct interviews the week of September 10 and winning applicants will be notified the first week of October. 

Join us in November at the annual TYPros Boomtown Awards, our signature fundraising event where we'll publicly announce the 2018 grant winners. 

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Facebook // @typrosfoundation

Instagram // @typrosfoundation

Email // typrosfoundation@gmail.com


*Facebook posts need to be made to our page publicly, don't just tag us in a post on your own page. Everyone needs to see and share your brilliant idea to #MakeTulsaAwesome!



June 14  - Grant Cycle Kickoff Party / Grant Submissions Open

July 15 - Submissions Close

July 27 - Applications Due

July 31 - August 10 - Application Review

August 24 - Applicants Notified of Moving to Interview Round

September 11 and 13 - Interviews

October - Winning Grantees Notified

Grant Submission Guidelines

Prospective grants must fall under two overall criteria:

  • Catalytic. TYPF considers projects that are catalytic in the community and for which our funding is crucial to the success.
  • Connected to young talent and important to young professionals in the Tulsa region. 

To be eligible for funds, TYPF Grant Applications must fit into one or more of the following categories:

  • Placemaking
  • Innovation
  • Community Engagement  

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TYPF give grants to organizations outside of Tulsa?

Yes. We have a regional focus, we are open to applications from the Tulsa area and immediate nearby communities.

Do I have to be a 501(c)(3) / Can I apply as an individual?

We provide funding to individuals and 501(c)(3) non-profits.

Does TYPF provide any assistance to grantees for project execution beyond funding?

We love to help where we can, we want all of our grantees to be as successful as possible! With that being said, you are the project manager for your grant and the responsibility for execution and completion ultimately lies with you.

Does TYPF sponsor events or galas?

We do not sponsor tables at galas or ongoing events. It is able to be considered if TYPF views the applicant as highly innovative or catalytic in the community.

Does TYPF provide operational funding?

No, we will not provide ongoing operational funding to projects or organizations.

When does the Grant Cycle open?

The 2018 grant cycle is June 15th - July 15th 2018.

How do I know if I’m selected to move to the 2nd round and fill out a full application?

Starting in 2018, we will automatically send every online submission a full application to complete.

How do I apply for a grant?

Tweet, post, email! Tweet, post to our Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #maketulsaawesome, or, the least exciting, send us an email.

By tweeting or posting an idea am I applying?

By tweeting or postsing, you are only submitting an idea. To complete the process, you must fill out the full, electronic application sent to you. All applications are due on July 27th, 2018.

When will I know if I’m chosen for an interview and when will they be?

Applicants will be notified by August 24th if they are selected to move on to the interview round. Interviews will be held on September 11th and 13th.

When will I know if my application has been approved?

Grantees will be notified if their application was approved by the first week of October.

Can I submit for more than one idea?

Yes, submit as many as you like, but be prepared to choose between them if you only have the capacity to complete one.

What reporting does TYPF require of its grantees?

A bi-monthly electronic progress report, a bi-monthly group progress meeting and a final progress report at the completion of the grant.